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Your data right at your fingertips at any time. Access, manage and work on the go. Feel secure and focus on what matters. is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-corporate organisation which provides encryption technology services used by businesses and individuals.

Geens’ mission is to bring back value, confidence and transparency to its members. Our GDPR compliant end-to-end encrypted zero-knowledge cloud storage for your data allows our members to securely share, receive and collaborate with trust and confidence.

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In the Geens app, all your pictures, documents and other data are accessible only to you and the ones you trust. You can securely share and receive data without worrying about breaches or trackers. Even we won’t know what you are up to.

Features like offline data and direct camera access from the app allow to manage the most private data without any third party interference or cloud syncing.

Have any important documents that need additional protection? Don’t worry, we got you covered - with timestamps you can stamp your files and not only track the progress of files, but have proof of their existence. Timestamping is a blockchain-based technology that is powered by our partner NEM.

App Features


Login with existing or Geens For Business account
Create new Geens account

Encrypted data storage

Sync cloud data on device
Manage cloud data
Upload data to cloud

Offline data

Upload data to offline vault on your device
Backup offline data to local storage
Restore backups on any device

Data sharing

Receive or share encrypted data from/with Geens users
Add auto expiration to shared data - date/time
Give and manage permissions read/write to shared data
Unlimited recipients
Share by Nickname or by Email

Activity log

Track data activity of shared files and folders like:
Removed sharing

Blockchain Timestamping

NEM blockchain transactions
Timestamp any file
Access timestamp hashes on any device
Download timestamped file
Print timestamp certificate directly

Tablet mode

Geens is adaptable to the size of any screen and our easy-to-use interface will let you be a pro of the app in a blink of an eye.

And many more

Pin lock for fast access
Take photos directly from the app
Geens camera desktop shortcut
Directly timestamp new photos
Email notifications
Default data sorting preferences
Nickname setup
Full screen UI for tablets