Subscription and Account Canceling

Realized that you have too much storage or too many users? You can easily cancel these subscriptions in settings > account settings > subscriptions or settings > storage/users > storage/user history. After canceling these subscriptions, they will stay active until their expiration date. For that time period, you will be able to use your storage normally. You can always renew them afterwards once you feel the need to do so.


Delete your account

We encourage you not to do this at all, but if so - you can always fully delete your account.

Please remember that Geens platform is end-to-end encrypted and even our administrators cannot access your data. Once the account is removed, you will lose all the access to your stored data/content and it will be removed forever.
However, if you find our solution trustworthy, you can come back and create free account at any time.

Payment and billing

All your invoices can be found in settings > account settings > invoices. All your invoices can be downloaded as .pdf files and they are automatically generated right after payment.

All payments for additional subscriptions are made upfront. Payments are made easy, since after filling out your payment details G4B will only require your Geens for Business admin account password for confirmation. All payment details can be changed in settings > account settings > set up payment details.