File Sharing

Shared files

This area gives a complete overview of all shares and external links on files and folders that you are authorized to view. This overview allows you to keep track of all shares of the data within your group’s Geens. Good management of all shares is important to safeguard privacy in an environment where many files are shared with other Geens users or via a link with other people.

Geens privacy management allows you only to share files with trusted users within the Geens platform. You create a share via the user’s Geens#ID. In the Side Menu option “Team” you can find an overview of all team members and their Geens#ID. The zero-knowledge principles in the Geens platform make it impossible to create an open user listing of all trusted users in the Geens platform. Another Geens platform’s user should share the Geens#ID via a different ‘real life’ contact.

A Link is used to share a file with a user outside the Geens platform. Shares differ from Links by the traceability of the activities. The activities via link are outside the Geens platform and cannot be monitored by the Geens privacy management.

The Shared Files area is split in three categories: Shared with me, Shared by me and Shareable links.

How to use Shared files

Managing all shares of files and folders in one overview gives you the control to manage the privacy of your data. Sharing files or folders is done via the consent of one of the authorized ‘owners’ of the data. In Company Files all authorized members can create shares. In Personal Files only you can create shares.

TIP! When using Shared files, it is advised to set the view option to Grid and also open the extra Details window. This will show you all the information most effectively.

When shares are available, the content area is split into three parts:

  • Shared Files > With me: All items that have been made available for you by other Geens users
  • Shared Files > By me: All items you shared with other Geens users
  • Shared Files > Links: All links that have been created on items shared outside the Geens platform.

Shared files > With me

Here all files and folders are listed that have been shared with you by another Geens user. The rights you have on this file: Read or Read/Write determine what actions you can do with this data.


When clicking on a file or folder in this area, the Attributes show which Geens user has shared the information with you. Since the Geens user has the option to use an email address or a nickname, this info is shown. The Geens zero-knowledge rules make it impossible to have any other information about the user for this link.

The ‘X’ in front of the name/email address in the Details > Attributes window allows you to delete a share. This will remove your access to the shared file/folder.

NOTE: This action cannot be undone. When you removed the share by mistake, you are required to request access via its owner.


The activity log shows all activities on the shared file. Only authorized data ‘owners’ can view the data activity logging information. A button allows you to download the Item’s activity log as a text file.

Shared files > By me

Here all shares are listed that you have created on files or folders. The content area shows you the same file/folder information as the Company or Personal files content window. Here a link to the file is shown. The information about the share is visible via Details > Attributes window.


In this window the information with which Geens users the file is shared is visible. All shares can be edited in this window.

By clicking the ‘X’ in front of the name/email address in the Details > Attributes window, you will delete the share and immediately restrict the access by this user to your file.

You can also edit the conditions for the share. You can add or change the expiration date or change the permission. In case one share is created with multiple users, you can also edit the Share and remove selected users from the access list.

It is also possible to create a new share on this item via the Attribute window.


The activity log shows all activities on the shared file. Both Read and Read/Write permissions have access to the full activity log information.

Shared files > Links

The list with shareable links has no extra information via the Details window. Since the link is shared outside the Geens platform, no activity logging can be logged.

When you click a link, a number of functions can be done via the icons that appear:

  • X - Delete the link permanently
  • Key - Indicator the link is password
  • Clock - Indicator the link has a expiration date and time
  • Copy - Copy the link to Clipboard memory
  • Eye - View the link in a new tab as a recipient
  • Mail - Open Mail pop-up window to (re) send the link via email
  • Extra options - Open extra Menu with:
    • Edit
    • Copy link
    • View in new tab
    • Delete link

When you double click a link, a pop-up window appears. Here you can edit or delete the link:

  • Change permission: Read or Read/Write
  • Name to be shown in the link: Email, Nickname or Group name
  • Add or Change an expiration date and time
  • Add a password to be shared separately from the link
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