Offline Files and Backup

Offline files

The Geens users are provided with their own offline data vault where they can store their online files for offline access. The offline file is encrypted locally on your phone and can only be decrypted and accessed through the Geens app.



You can synchronize the data between offline and online files, so that changes in either one would appear in the other one when online. To do that, download a file to offline or upload it to online and the option to keep files synchronized will appear. Their names, content, descriptions (and colours for folders) will be synchronized between the two. Previous content can still be viewed through file versions in the details tab. Every time you make changes to editable files (.txt and .pdf), they are saved separately so that you can access the unchanged version, if needed. In addition to downloading and deleting options, you can make a specific version default despite the fact that it might not be the original.



You can backup offline data to the local storage of your device. A specific, encrypted backup file stored on your device locally can be uploaded to other cloud platforms for later usage or archiving. By doing this you get the ability to restore and decrypt your backups on any other device in order to access your private data using the Geens app. It brings peace of mind in the event your device is lost, stolen, damaged etc. Set up a backup location in Settings. To learn more click here.

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