Icons used in Geenodes™

Content area

Icon Name Description
Folder%20tree Folder tree Opens extra window that displays folder’s structure
Download Download Download one or more files or folders
Upload Upload Upload one or more files
Share Share Share the selected file or folder
Artboard%2099 Timestamp Timestamp a file to create a legally binding, immutable “fingerprint” that determines the authenticity of any specific file
Template-100 Template Create new template
Copy%20file Copy Copy the selected file or folder
Cut Cut Cut the selected file or folder
Paste%20file Paste Paste the file or folder at the destination you are in Geenodes
Add%20file New File Add a new file
Add%20folder New Folder Add a new folder
Recycle%20bin Delete Delete file or folder
Search Search Search in the (encrypted) Geenodes™ implementation
Grid%20view Block Show the files and folders in BLOCK layout
Icons%20view Grid Show the files and folders in GRID layout
List%20view List Show the files and folders in list layout
Edit Details Show the details (attributes and activity log) of the selected file/folder
File Document Document not shared
Shared%20file Document Document is shared
Shared%20file%20to%20view Document Document is shared with an access limitation

Geenodes™ header

Icon Name Description
Feedback Feedback Give feedback
Settings Settings The current settings in Geenodes
Log%20out Log out Log out of Geenodes

Left side menu

Icon Description
Company%20files Show the folders and files accessible for the team/group
Personal%20files Show the personal files
Shared%20files Show the shared files
Trash%20bin Show the trash
Timestamps Show the timestamped folders and files
Services_1 Show the available services
Team Show all team members
Settings_1 Show the settings

Bottom left side menu

Icon Name Description
Gee%20token Balance The number of GEE available
Cloud Storage The used storage as part of the total available storage
Artboard%20178 User This icon shows the profile picture that is set by the user, also gives you the option to switch among different accounts

Generic user interface icons

Icon Name Description
Fold%20out Fold out Return to standard width
Link Shared Indicates a file or folder has been shared
Hode%20menu Extra options This indicates there are more options available than shown by the current icon set. Clicking these dots will reveal these options.

Geenodes™ are developed with the aims to be easy and intuitive to use. Generic and clear icons and standard user interface operations should make using Geenodes™ easy.
When you encounter areas we can improve, do not hesitate to use the feedback option, top right in the Geenode header.