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About Geens NPO

Geens NPO has been founded to empower you, our members. Your membership is integral to the continuation of our state of the art solutions to protect your privacy. Geens is an ecosystem for digital services which allows you to decide what needs to be connected to IoT devices, who should know where you are, who you are, or for example: what the taxi service app „needs“ to know about you to be able to send you a car. GEE – our utility token – is a bartering tool which protects your privacy with the added advantage of actually gaining value.

Geens NPO started in 2014 is registered and based in Belgium, the home of the EU. We‘re a non-profit, non-governmetal and non-corporate organisation which provides technology services to protect identities in business, as individual people, and governments alike. The platform gives users the benefit of saving their private digital information securely, and provides the ability to share their data only with those they wish to be able to see it. Community

Ethical Committee

The NPO established the Ethical Committee to oversee compliance with the rules of conduct, standards and policies that guide the company. This is to guarantee absolute independence and to strengthen the role of the trust provider. The committee may step in as the arbiter of conflicts and find solutions that can be integrated into the company policies. Within the responsibility of the NPO, ‘effective members’ from all European Countries will be selected to represent the NPO. ‘Effective members’ will delegate tasks to the Board (operations and strategy).

The Ethical Committee consists of 11 members and third-party consultant who chairs the Committee to represent the users and members of the platform. It has the authority to give strict directions to the Board of the NPO, if any initial principle of the setup is in danger, and follow a basic premise.

The Chairman of the Ethical Committee, president of the University of Leuven, will choose for an optimal mix of academic international skills.

While the Ethical Committee may create the initial set of rules and regulations to govern the NPO ethics, it also reviews those policies on a regular basis and refines them when necessary. The Committee may get input from ‘effective members' and users feedback. The Ethical Committee follows situations and circumstances to create learning experiences from which they can determine other appropriate actions. Finally, their role is to effectively communicate the company’s ethics policies to the entire community. The global European organisation will be set up in this form from the moment that the ecosystem starts to get acceptance on the market (2020) and budgets become available for this overhead. The bylaws of the NPO will be changed accordingly before this date.

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