Geens for Business


What is Geens for Business?

Geens for Business (hereinafter G4B) is an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage that offers you easy and secure access to your files and file sharing with GDPR compliance in mind. In addition, G4B gives you tools to easily collaborate with other businesses, partners and clients for a more efficient and secure network.

G4B gives you the opportunity to:

  • Gather Your team and provide efficiency and security
  • Securely store and manage company’s and personal files and data
  • Access shared files in a secure and easy manner
  • Track file status with activity log
  • Timestamp Your files and terminate on demand
  • Collaborate with trusted partners

Get Geens for Business

Geens for Business is all you need!
Every client can purchase a G4B account that can be customized to your businesses needs. Everything is in your hands.
Visit and try the 14-day free trial or purchase it right away by clicking pricing or get started for free. Fill out the form and get started!

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