Geenode User Manual

Geenodes offers a unique opportunity to strengthen trust and to drive the European digital data revolution.


You are invited to use Geenodes™ privacy platform, the most secure way to store and share data and collaborate in a team. In Geenodes, every user gets a personal login and a personal vault. All data in this vault is fully end-to-end encrypted and Geenodes™ uses zero-knowledge principles making your activities within your personal area invisible for everybody within the Geenodes™ platform. Even the system administrators have no access to your data. Only you hold the private key to access your data and you determine with whom you want to share your data, giving you full control.

Dashboard introduction

Geens dashboard introduction tutorial.
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end-to-end encrypted dashboard in actions. Main features overview, explanations and user interface experience for fast start.

Geenodes™ on Geens - a trust platform

Geenodes™ is a TRUST platform for secure and private data sharing within companies dealing with sensitive information. The Geenode will onboard groups. A group can, for example, be a business unit, a project team, a customer team, an international collaboration or a lawyer working together with a client. You can cooperate with the guarantee that all data and communication is safe and end-to-end encrypted. For example, when somebody joins or leaves the team, all permissions are revoked and redone; similar to a guest leaving a hotel and all relevant door keys and all digital content are reset to ensure he can never misuse his previous permissions.

Privacy by default and privacy by design

Geenodes™ is built on the same privacy by design concepts and privacy by default technologies that are the core of the Geens ecosystem. In your company’s Geenode you can create teams and add employees, external consultants and customers. Within these teams all data is shared and all activities are logged. Nobody outside a team has access to the data or insight in the activity log files. Each user has full control over his personal data, can determine under which conditions the data is shared and can monitor all activities on his data. All data sharing access can be revoked by the user at any time.

Not just another cloud drive

Is this just another encrypted Dropbox or No, Geenodes™ gives you much more. Next to the secure and private team cooperation, you can also use the secure services that support additional privacy features, e.g. (blockchain) timestamping, automated smart contracts and multi-signatures. We also provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) so you can smoothly integrate with your current business services. Geenodes™ is part of the Geens ecosystem. All parties within Geenodes™ benefit from all Geens developed services that will be made available in the ecosystem.

GDPR is in its core

In Geenodes, users decide what files they want to share within a group or with other Geenodes™ users. This creates GDPR consent by default. Geenodes™ empowers its users to have full self-determination over their data. They decide under which conditions the data is shared and they can monitor all activities on the data (e.g. who opened, who shared). All permissions can be revoked by the user at any time. Geenodes ™ started in 2014 with the development of the Geens platform with its conditions of privacy by default and having all activities within Geenodes™ follow the principles of privacy by design. This pervasive embedding of all regulatory requirements makes that Geenodes™ gives you more than just compliance. It offers you “GDPR+”.

True end-to-end encryption and high-level secure hardware

Geenodes™ uses full end-to-end encryption for passwords, communication and data. All data is sent encrypted and will only be decrypted within the Geenodes™ environment. Nobody without given permission can access the files that you have uploaded on the Geens cloud servers. On top of that, Geenodes™ has several zero-knowledge principles in place. Even the super users and administrators within your Geenodes™ platform, as well as the system administrators managing the hardware platform, can never access your data.

Geenodes™ offers a unique opportunity to strengthen trust and to drive the European digital data revolution!